Why Webwinkelkeur

Benefits for you as a consumer.

Webwinkelkeur is unique because it combines a code of conduct with customers experiences. Each participant will be reviewed by us on a regular checklist items. With this we check include whether it is clear with whom you do business, what you agree and whether the data corresponds to the shop with the Chamber of Commerce registration.

Clicking on the shop label with affiliated merchants gives you the ability to post your experience with comparing the respective merchant or experiences of other customers. This gives you more certainty about customer care and service, parts that are not to be neglected with assessment rules and other labels.

If you become involved in spite of all these concerns in an altercation with an affiliated merchant, please contact our independent arbitration committee. This makes a binding decision in the case, so you avoid unnecessary costs.

You can recognize a member of the following logo which is clickable and refers to the members page on Webwinkelkeur, but the size can vary:

WebwinkelKeur Webwinkel Keurmerk

Internet shopping with the Webwinkelkeur you know that:
- The identity of the shop has been checked
- The webshop meets and is tested on the main Dutch law
- The webshop offers multiple ways to contact
- Customer Reviews can be independently positioned
- The merchants, general conditions and privacy statement clearly available
- You can contact Webwinkelkeur for dispute mediation
- You can contact GeschilOnline.nl for binding decision

Check always himself beside the authenticity of the mark on recent customer experience and reliability. Although Webwinkelkeur periodically monitors its members, there can never be a 100% guarantee. Are there any problems, please contact us so we can take action or provide a solution.