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Beautiful mens bags, schoulderbags and backbags. Bags from European handcraft, leather and also from Dutch bag designers. Mocnikova bags, handbags for men. In different colors and model bags. Trendy and fashion bag.


    If there is any bag that shouts, "take me along in any kind of weather!", it must be the Lluvia!


  • MOXHI Viajero Classic Edition

    The MOXHI Viajero has adventure written all over it. But if you just use it to go to the park an afternoon, we won't tell...


  • MOXHI Senador Classic Edition

    The MOXHI Senador is a classy, playful, one-of-a-kind briefcase. At work or going to a meeting? No matter where you are, set yourself apart with the truly artisanal Senador!



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